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Oluwo Solagbade Popoola has over 30 years of Ifa knowledge in the areas of: Divination and Ebo, Interpretation and Analysis of Odu stanzas, Ifa medicine, Philosophy of Ifa, History of Ifa, Ethics of Ifa, and has given many lectures throughout the years over various topics of the Ifa Tradition.

Apart from being a Babalawo, Chief Solagbade Popoola also holds a Bachelors (BS) in Sociology and Anthropology (Second Class Upper Division) 1980. He also continued on to receive a Masters Degree in the above subject areas as well, 1982. He received his bachelors and masters degrees while attending school at The University of Ile Ife, Nigeria. He then went on to receive a Diploma in Modern Management, 1989 while attending school at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

Chief Popoola was also the Founder and President of Orunmila Youngsters International (Oyin) 1980’s. This institute was created to spread the teachings, philosophy, and morals of Ifa throughout the world. In 2004, this institute was transformed into the International Ifa Training Institute (IITI).

Chief Popoola also was the editor in chief of “Orunmila” magazine which started in 1985 and continues to be the editor in chief of the new version of the magazine “Eleri Ipin” which is the official magazine of the International Council for Ifa Religion. Chief Popoola also holds the title of Chairman of Ethics and Scripture within the International Council for Ifa Religion.

Chief Popoola is also the author of many great Ifa books:

*Practical Ifa Divination: Ifa Reference Manual Vol. 3 For the Beginner and Professional, July 1997.
*Ikunle Abiyamo: The Ase of Motherhood, Feb 2008.
*Ifa Dida: Volume 1 Eji-Ogbe to Ofun-Meji, June 2008.
*Ifa Dida: Volume 2 Ogbe Oyeku to Ogbe Ofun, June 2012.

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  1. Can you email me a list of books written by Baba that’s for sale?

    1. All the books can be found on the website under the Ifa Store Section.

  2. I interested in baba popoopla’s books

    1. Ase. Please contact Awo Agboola for more information on Chief Popoolas books at 562-972-4643

  3. Thirsty for knowledge. Please inform me of the books u have thank u iboru I iboya ibusise

    1. Please just look through the site. We have quite a few. Ikunle Abiyamo: The Ase of motherhood, Ifa: It’s core values, Ifa Dida vol 1 and 2, Omoluabi: The description of a complete being, and 101 Ifa medicines and herbal remedies.

  4. Is Ifa Dida Volume Two, An invitation to Ifa Consultation still available for sale?

    1. yes brother. It is on the website as a pdf.

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