Hello, my name is Solagbade Popoola. I am the president of the International Council for Ifa Religion. I have devoted my life to the study and practice of Ifa.  I have authored many books and publications, and lectured extensively, worldwide, on the topic of Ifa. Now, I am undertaking an historical Ifa research and writing project — The Ifa Holy Book. Can you help? Will you help?

What is the Ifa Holy Book?

This is a vast undertaking.  The time is now to publish the definitive Ifa series on Olodumare, Orunmila, all the Orisa; and life in Orun and Ile Aye. The Ifa Holy Book will be a 17 volume series.  Each volume will be approximately 3000 pages in length — newly published research. Beginning with Ejiogbe, the Holy Book will focus on the Eight Essences of Ifa:

Religious Spiritual Scientific Culture

Divination/Occult Economic Medicinal Historical

The Ifa Holy Book’s stories will delve deeply to show how Ifa is Sacred Scripture, based on the eight characteristics all scriptures in the world possess:

Sacred Narrative Divine Origin Laws Authority

Defined Grouping Basis for Faith Life After Death Judgement

Each volume will contain detailed explanation of odu stanzas, moral teachings and practical advice.  Spiritual seekers wishing to go deeper will find esoteric references. Newcomers to Ifa will benefit from a broad introduction; initiated devotees with gain profound understanding of their odus.

The first volume — Ejiogbe through Ofun Meji — will run approximately 3000 pages and will be completed by June 2019.

Your Help is Needed

Please contribute to this historic Holy Book. We need you to contribute at the level you can (see below). We need to raise $4000 per month over 24 months.  Can you please make a continuing contribution? Your help will ensure you and your family, godchildren and future generations will have a fountain of Olodumare wisdom to quench your thirst.

How much do I give and what do I get for donating?

Tier 1 (donating $10-49 per month)

You will receive a monthly update on research highlights. The names of all donors will be included in a special Holy Book volume, recorded for posterity.

Tier 2 (donating $50+ per month)

Tier 1 plus — monthly 30 minute video links to newly-surfaced Ifa research, taken directly from the field work of Holy Book. Travel online with me in the shrines, forests and villages of traditional West Africa as new research is gathered in the areas of ethics, Ifa medicine, cosmology, obstetrics, education and so on.

Tier 3 (donating $100 or more per month)

Tiers 1 and 2 plus — A plaque commemorating your ongoing generosity at International Council for Ifa Religion headquarters in Nigeria.

How do I donate?

Click on the link below. There you will find a secure link to set up monthly PayPal deductions. All financial transactions will be handled through my publishing company in the United States, IfaWorks (ifaworks.com), based in Phoenix, AZ. Your funds will be gathered in the USA and sent to Nigeria by IfaWorks. You will not be linked to any Nigerian financial institutions or services.

What will my money be used for?

The funds will be used to pay the salaries, transportation and boarding costs of numerous researchers traveling in different regions of West Africa gathering information on Ifa stanzas, medicines and historical documentation. Funds will also cover recording and transcription equipment and supply costs. Finally, funds will pay the wages of those collating, editing and translating the Ifa stanzas.

All monies donated will be accounted for. I will post regular accountings of how the funds are being used. Every penny will be accounted for.

Olodumare is unfathomable in Its depth, unfailing in Its support and unending on Its joy. The Ifa Holy Book will place Ifa in Its rightful place among the faiths of world. Please won’t you join me and so many others on this project?

Can you help? Will you help?

Thank you and may Olodumare bless this undertaking. Aboru aboye.

Solagbade Popoola

President, ICIR

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