IFA Training Program-Solagbade Popoola Compound Odewale, Nigeria


These programs are ONLY for those who have already undergone Itenifa/Itelodu and are seeking to receive training to become Babalawo or Iyanifa.

I decided to create these two training programs in order to help all those interested in becoming Babalawo or Iyanifa develop a firm understanding and practical knowledge base on all the fundamental rituals, rites, and practices mentioned below that every Babalawo and Iyanifa should know. These programs are not intended as a substitute to having a Baba Ifa/Ifa Mentor and everyone is strongly urged to find an Adept Baba Ifa to continue studying with after taking these programs. These programs should be viewed as a starting point to eventually becoming a proficient Ifa Priest. If at the end of these programs the Omo Awo/Ifa Student wishes to mentor under me, a serious one on one discussion will need to take place before any decision is made.

Requirements/Expectations/Program info:

1. Every student MUST have already undergone Itenifa/Itelodu

2. Every student will be expected to take notes during the training programs and partcipate in group discussions and activities. (Voice recorders are permitted but NO VIDEO is permitted during class sessions)

3. Every student will be given handouts which will contain the Ifa stanzas they will need to memorize. It is mandatory that each student memorize these stanzas in his/her own primary language. If the student learns them in Yoruba they will be applauded and saluted but they will still need to learn them in their primary language as well.

4. Each Level will last two weeks and every student is required to take Level 1 before taking Level 2, NO Exceptions.

5. The Cost of the program covers: handouts, travel to and from the airport, food, lodging, and the various lectures and hands on practice each student will receive on the topics listed for that Level.

6. Location: Odewale, Nigeria (Solagbade Popoola’s Compound)

7. Level One and Level Two will be offered throughout the year. Please contact Agboola directly to schedule your training.

8. If you do not speak Yoruba or English, please inform Agboola ahead of time, so that we can find a means of interpretation for you during the program. This will require an additional fee for the interpreter.

9. Training will be given by Chief Solagbade Popoola and his Omo Awo. The student will have different teachers depending on the topic.

10.  To schedule your training program, please contact Agboola at 562-972-4643 or at info@ifaworks.com. Each training program is 3200 usd.

The following is a Study program available for those interested in becoming Babalawo and Iyanifa who are not able to travel to Nigeria. This program is ONLY offered by Chief Solagbade Popoola’s Otura Tukaa Temple, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

1. Online Ritual Study Program offered by Otura Tukaa Temple Los Angeles, California, USA. You do not need to be a member of any of Chief Popoola’s temples to be in this program. For more information please contact Oluwo Irawofa (323) 395-4340.

2. There is also an Odu Study Program offered but this program is only for those who are currently enrolled or have finished any of the above-mentioned Ritual Training courses and of whom are official and active members of one of the temples listed on the contact page of this website. No exceptions, everyone MUST be an official and active member of one of the temples listed below to be in this program. For more information on this program please contact Oluwo Irawofa at (323) 395-4340.

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