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1. How to perform one’s morning prayers and songs. Handouts will be given to each student, available ONLY in Yoruba/English and Yoruba/Spanish.

2. How to perform Ose Ifa (Ifa Day) and how to use and interpret Orogbo and Obi.

3. Learning the various Ibo/Ifa determinants, and Ifa Dida (Ifa consultation), which entails learning how to identify the Odu Ifa, how to appropriately relay messages to a client and taboos to your clients, how to share the ethics and philosophical teachings of Ifa to your clients, and how to determine which ebo materials are the most appropriate to use to enhance a client’s situation in life.

4. Learning the basics of how to perform Akunlebo/Ibo: direct feeding of a deity, Ipese: how to propitiate the Iyami, Ibori: how to perform a rogation, and Ebo riru: how to perform the most powerful ritual of an Awo through the use of the Opon Ifa and through the recitation of various Ifa stanzas. Handout will be given to each student with the Ifa stanzas that will need to be memorized for the Ebo riru, available ONLY in Yoruba/English and Yoruba/Spanish.

5. How to perform Itadogun and its importance.

6. How to perform Ikosedaye and its importance.

7. The following two lectures will be given during this two week program:

A. Ori and Destiny (Akunleyan, Akunlegba, and Ayanmo) How is destiny achieved? What happens after death? Our Purpose while on earth.

B. What is Iwa Rere/Iwa Pele (Good character/Gentle Character) and the importance of these traits


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