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*Before taking level two, each student will NEED to have the Ebo Riru and Morning Prayer stanzas memorized in their primary language. If the student memorizes the stanzas in Yoruba, they will be applauded but it is NOT compulsory. All the rituals covered in level 1 also need to be mastered as you will be made to practice all of them during your level two training with Yoruba clients in order to gain practical experience.


1. Morning Prayers, Ose Ifa, Ifa Dida (Ifa consultation), Akunlebo, Ipese, Ibori, and other rituals learned will be revisited again to ensure that the student has learned the material well from the first visit. Students will be made to perform the rituals learned in training level one to Yoruba clients as they arrive for consultation at Chief Popoola’s compound to gain hands on experience.

2. Talk on the importance of memorizing one’s Ifa stanzas from Eji-Ogbe to Ofun-Se and also committing to memory the stories, messages, taboos, and ebo materials from each stanza. (Chief Popoola recommends every student to memorize anywhere from 4, 6, or 8 verses per Odu when starting off as an Omo Awo)

3. How to make “A hand of Ifa/Isefa”, an Ifa Ide and Ileke, Omiero, and how to properly make and prepare an Opele.

4. How to perform the Naming ceremony which is performed after Ikosedaye

5. How to perform the marriage ceremony (Igbeyawo)

6. Learning of Ifa songs and the drumming and bell playing that goes with them.

7. Two lectures will be given to students during this two week program on:

a. Importance of having a Baba Ifa/Ifa Mentor, what an Omo Awo should expect from his/her Baba Ifa, and what ones Baba Ifa will expect from the Omo Awo.

b. Importance of marriage, children, family, extended family and community (Traditional family amd communal structures and how they’re suppose to function to support everyone).


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