Ifa: It's Core Values Vol. 1 What is Ifa? (PDF Version)


Ifa: It’s Core Values Vol. 1 What is Ifa? (PDF Version)



What is Ifa? On which aspects of life does Ifa provide guidance? How does Ifa guide and support one, during this sojourn on earth? Solagbade Popoola; Fakunle Oyesanya; and Gbolahan Okemuyiwa, have dedicated most of their lives to the art of interpretation and analysis of Odu Ifa. These three adept Yoruba Babalawos will provide clear; precise; and detailed answers to these questions, and more. Whether you are a curious westerner, wishing to become a part of this African tradition; or a Yoruba woman or man, wanting to return to your ancestor’s way of life; or a person simply wishing to understand Ifa’s philosophies; ethics; and principles, this one-of-a-kind series will place you on the right path to understanding and appropriately applying the teachings of this ancient tradition to all aspects and stages of your life.



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