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On this page you will find all the books and videos available by Chief Solagbade Popoola Library, Inc and Ifaworks, LLC. We ask that everyone please support Isese (Traditionalism) by buying Chief Popoola’s original books and videos from this website instead of the pirated versions that unfortunately usually circulate among our various communities. During this time period we are currently editing and revising Chief Solagbade Popoola’s books. Please exercise patience with us during this process and in the meantime enjoy the blogs that Chief Solagbade Popoola will be posting on this website and also on his facebook page: Solagbade Popoola

Available will be more of the book series titled: Ifa: Its Core Values (Formally known as the module series IITI/Ifa International Training Institute). Here are just some of the books in the series that will soon be available:

Ifa: Its Core Values Volume 5: Omo-Eniyan/ Ifa: Sus Valores Esenciales Volumen 5: Omo-Eniyan

Ifa: Its Core Values Volume 6: The Orisa/ Ifa: Sus Valores Esenciales Volumen 6: Los Orisa

Ifa: Its Core Values Volume 7: Obi/Parenthood/ Ifa: Sus Valores Esenciales Volumen 7: Obi/Ser Padres

As time passes we will be adding more and more volumes to this book series/Con el tiempo estaremos estrenando mas volúmenes de esta serie de libros

Free Shipping ONLY within the USA and Puerto Rico. Additional charges will apply for International Shipping Orders. When ordering any Audio Lecture please note that they are sent to your email as a download. 

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